About Us

KIGHTON is named after partial tone of the “CURTAIN”, which is the initial word of “curtail wall”.

KIGHTON Facade Consultants (KTF) is specialist in architectural façade design and consultancy. We help developer, architect and subcontractor finish curtain wall project by professional technical service, which covers all stages of project, including preliminary schematic design, design development, tendering assessment, material review and recommendation, cost estimation, shopdrawing and calculation review, factory and site inspection, etc.

We focus on all aspects of Facade Design, Construction and Project Management to create unique and landmark developments in order to satisfy all of the Client’s requirements. We provide facade consulting services for all types of exterior wall systems, including; glass curtain wall, glass wall, skylights, handset stonework and so on. Our professional services ensure Client satisfaction is at the center of focus on each and every project. We listen to what the Client actually needs, and collaborate with the Client in order to deliver a fully considered, efficient and financially viable solution. KTF takes great pride in meeting Client budgets while still maintaining the highest Architectural integrity.

KTF's team consists of experienced façade consultants and engineers. They have background of working in top class international consultancy firms and contractor groups, and are fully capable of communicating in both Chinese and English. KIGHTON are very familiar with both local China codes and international ones. In addition, we can make recommendations on strength and weaknesses of material manufacturers and facade contractors to help clients save money while maintaining a quality facade. In 2008, KTF signed a cooperative agreement with AXIS facade consultants (USA) to pursue specific project opportunities in China market. AXIS, founded in 1997, it is an international famous facade consulting company and it has branches in USA and Asia. (See more information at www.facades.com)